Voter Guide


Higher Taxes with the Bond

Even though the tax rate hasn’t changed since 2011, rising property values means higher taxes. EISD is projected continuing increases in property values and higher taxes. Bonds today mean taxes tomorrow. Vote NO to Higher Future Taxes.

Unneeded Facilities

Millions of dollars of the bond will be to build new unnecessary facilities. Operating these buildings will take money from the classroom. Vote No to unnecessary buildings and to preserve dollars for our teachers and classrooms.

Enormous Wasteful Spending

Eanes ISD budgeted spending $4.1 million more than it brings in this year. Any expenditure must be carefully examined to be sure it will not increase the deficit and it will preserve our academic programs.  Many of the items in the bond will make the deficit worse and will drain money from the classroom and our teachers. We can’t afford this waste. Let’s spend our tax dollars in the classroom. Vote No to Wasteful Spending.

Increased Operating Costs

Many of the items in the bond will add thousands of dollars to our operating costs. The District is already projecting withdrawing $4.1 million from the District savings account (Fund Balance) to make ends meet. With this kind of deficit, now is not the time to pass a bond with any items that increase our operating costs. These increased operating costs are money we don’t have.

Risk To Your Child’s Education

When the savings run out, the District will have no option but to cut programs. The added costs from this bond force cuts sooner, make them more painful and increase the risk that your child’s educational experience will be radically different from those who went before them. It’s a risk we don’t have to take.


We vote No on this bond,
Tell EISD to balance the budget and make their cuts first before asking taxpayers for more money.
Phase out the non-employee Transfer Students and preserve opportunities for our kids.
Tell EISD to trim the bureaucracy first and teachers last.

Don’t Take the Risk!  Vote No!

Vote at Randall’s 3300 Bee Cave Rd – Any Day

Early Voting April 27-May 5; Election Day May 9